There are thousands of games out there that we can download, whether they are paid or free. But, Flatman remains as one of the most downloaded games, not only among kids, but also teens and adults. Chances are, they find this game interesting, simple, yet challenging.

Flatman is very popular for its various unique forms, in which the main character called Flatman can change its form into circle, square and triangle.

Well, this game may not be familiar to some people, though it was downloaded by millions of users since it was launched in the mid of 2015. Flatman is the ‘savior’ of a 2Dkingdom, called Flat Kingdom. This kingdom was threatened by the lost of jewels. Even worse, the princess was kidnapped. All of them were caused by the 3D kingdom. In order to save the kingdom, Flatman, who can survive in 3D world, has to beat all the enemies in the form of 3D.

Isn’t it interesting? Flatman itself was a very cute character which can transform itself into various forms. Players should understand about the right form of Flatman. Flatman in the form of circle is easily floating on the water, while reaching high spots better. While the triangle Flatman can beat enemies with its sharp points. Its ability in running very fast can be obtained when the main character transforms into triangle. The last form, square, may be slower than the other two forms. Yet, Flatman is in its strongest power. The best thing about Flatman is not merely about its ability to change its shape. When Flatman is able to defeat all enemies in certain levels, then all the secrets are revealed.

Flatman ‘urges’ players face some challenges in reaching their gradual upgrades, in order to get higher skills. Fat Panda Games is always popular for its innovative games, and Flatman is one of them.

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